Tuesday, 14 May 2019

I'm a Streetwalking Cheetah with a Heart Full of Napalm

The one who's searchin', searchin', to destroy...

Mr Pop got there first but it was my Mum that was an enabler for today's post I can't believe that I started writing a WHOLE YEAR ago (and only 4 months to edit the pics too)! It's been a bit mad - new job, retraining (that almost broke me) yay!, moving back to Scotland, loads of travelling - but I am now at a point where things are calming down so hopefully will be blogging a bit more. Still not unpacked though.

I had long been searchin' for a denim jacket to put some patches on. However, although I have a couple they were handy just to fling on so I never got round to doing anything with them. 

Cue Mum finding me a pretty basic indigo denim jacket in a charity shop, still with the tags on, for a mere £3. It was quite a boxy shape and non-stretch, so made me look a bit "mumsy". What's a girl to do except get the bleach and the scissors out and start destroyin'?

First off, I used the posh gel bleach. Although it might bring your toilet up all sparkly it was less than useless at getting the dye out of the denim. I literally poured 3 whole bottles over it and left it for a couple of days with very little dye lift. I had to go hunting down the sort of thin liquid beach that I used to use in the 80's for my jeans. I stuck it in the washing machine between bleach types just in case they reacted and released chlorine gas. Safety first, kittens! The kitchen was bad enough as it was. My poor lungs will never forgive me.

I used a combination of a paint brush to direct the bleach and dribbling it on. It took several applications to build up the light and dark patches. I tried to bleach round the edge where it would fade after a lot of wear.

Next was the really fun bit where I got out the sandpaper to rough it up a little. Again I sanded along the seams where normal wear would take place. I also went a bit scissor happy and tried to wear patches through the fabric by scraping the surface to expose the threads, as well as hacking some holes in and fraying the edges.

After that it was patches time. I went a bit mad on eBay and bought a vast amount but have decided just to decorate over the top and the shoulders.  They take so long to sew on. I tried to do it as invisibly as I could. I also added some studs as I am still stuck in the 80's because I could and it seemed like they belonged there since I was channeling a bit of a punk aesthetic..

They are the screw-backed kind but I added a little superglue to the inside of each stud as I was screwing it together. A good idea to make them stick but I also stuck my fingers together and to the jacket. Moving swiftly on......  

Under the rip in the front I added a piece trimmed from a bandana (also from eBay) for a bit of colour and to support the ripped fabric. I quilted it to a bit of spare African wax print for stability and hand stitched it in place on the inside.

I had a whole load of fun making this jacket and definitely have had fun wearing it. It's a garment that will always be added to. It still looks too "new". Plus, for studs it is either "go big or go home" and this is still tiddly.

Since I am on a punk-style roll a la 15-year old me, this can be my participation in Me "Destroyed" May. Probably more apt a title for most of the things I try to sew.

Do you ever upcycle/recycle garments? Or even destroy perfectly good jackets?
Plus, bonus round - next post I might just be hosting a giveaway!

Until then, take care, lovelies!

K xx

I'll leave you with a bit of The Stooges. You are most welcome!


  1. Welcome back!! What a year you've had.
    You've done a cracking job with that denim jacket, it's so hard to make denim look aged but you've managed to, it's perfect and I have no doubt that it'll be off to many a gig - a few cider stains will add to the authenticity!
    Love Iggy (and his slot on 6Music) xxx

    1. Hi Vix, Thank you so much. It has already been to see Shonen Knife (remember them) and I am sure will definitely get some cider spilt on it in the very near future. I love Iggy too. I have been listening to him all day on i-player. He has such great, and eclectic, taste in music and a wonderful lived-in voice. Wish there were more like him. He is an icon. Xx

  2. Fun! I love how the bleaching turned out. Yes definitely more is more where studs are concerned. I really want a denim jacket! Lovely to see you posting again. Hope the new job is going well. XXX

    1. Thanks, Linda. I have really missed blogging, but have been keeping up with reading posts even if it is hard to post many comments. I do like a denim jacket, they are so versatile. Are ou going to make or buy one? The new job is great but a time-hog. Xx

  3. Welcome back from me, too!
    You did a great job with the bleach, very balanced look. And the end product is lit! ;)

    And you're back in Scotland, yay! Are you happy? We'll make a Scotland trip in July, starting in Edinburgh and than driving from Oban to Inverness along the coast and then a more direct way back to Edinburgh. If you have any tips for me, I'm all ears. ;)

    1. Thank you Friedericke. I am happy to be back, although I do miss were I was living and my friends down there. That is fantastic that you are coming over. Edinburgh is a beautiful city with loads to do and a drive up the west coast will be perfect. It is very rugged and scenic. Make sure that you visit St Andrews and the Kelpies if you are coming back down the east coast.

      There is so much to do in Edinburgh it is hard to know where to start. There are some really unusual and fun museums on the Royal Mile (People's Story and the Museum of Childhood) and I am sure that you will appreciate the architecture of the Scottish Parliament building. If you fancy something really odd then Surgeon's Hall Museum does some fantastic tours. Feel free to email me if you want any more recommendations as I don't know what you like. There are so many galleries and stuff to do, as well as beautiful places in Scotland. Xx

  4. Welcome back, Kelly!

    I was in Rushden last week and was thinking of you - I owe you a lunch! I hope you're happy to be back in Scotland and I'm sorry we didn't get to meet up again.

    Now, that denim jacket is amazing! What a lot of detail and I think it looks fab! You are good to do all that - I'm just too damn lazy!

    Hope you have a great week.

    1. Hello Veronica1 Do you know I miss Rushen SO much. I was really sad to leave there and it all happened very quickly, literally 2 weeks from deciding to move to being back home. I was gutted that I never got the chance to say goodbye. No lunch required. I am still down to MK quite a bit. Would be lovely to catch sometime.

      Guess that this jacket is going to be a work in progress for a while. I have a whole load of studs and patches still to go. I am going to disagree with you when you say that you are lazy. I would never have the patience to crochet (and join) all those beautiful blankets.
      Have a great week too. Xx

  5. Hiyer!!! All on up your way!! Loving hte jacket, my own is coming along very well, with a strong emphasis on religious iconography, Frida Kahlo and insects. :)

    1. Hello Maryanne! Thank you so much. Your jacket sounds really fantastic. I love all your themes, especially the religious iconography. Mine has a rather rubbish cross patch on the back surrounded by studs but it is a hit half-hearted. Need to pile on the metal. Frida was brilliant - another icon. I can't wait to see it when it is done. Xx