Wednesday, 7 June 2017

It's Not Class or Ideology, Colour, Creed or Roots. The Only Thing That Unites Us is Doctor Marten's Boots!

Okay, so you may have to have been in Britain in the 80's, and probably of a certain age, to get the reference but you have got to agree with the man.

Doctor Marten's boots (& shoes for that matter), once so beloved of workies and punks are now ubiquitous, holding a well-earned place as a mainstream fashion favourite. Things have moved on a lot since the days of black or oxblood leather., look at all the loveliness above.

And such fabulous children's boots. I am totally gutted that the purple mini-goth ones didn't come in my size.

I have been a proud Doc's wearer for about 35 years. They are comfy, practical and go with pretty much anything, I have even worn them with a business suit and got a load of compliments (I forgot my "proper adult" shoes - needs must. It was all good in the end).

So why am I wittering on? You will never guess what is a 10-minute car ride from me? Only the Doctor Marten's Factory Shop! As luck would have it, I wore my old knackered ones to work in the lab and one of the girls at work mentioned that it was close by. I am in boot-shopping heaven and am planning another visit this month too. There is no such thing as "too many shoes".

The shop sells a lot more than just footwear, with a great selection of socks, bags and clothing, although the few times I have been most of the clothes looked to be mostly small sizes. All the stock is either factory samples or overstocks from their shops so the selection is eclectic and you just have to be lucky. They restock three times a week and the prices are very low considering how much DMs normally retail for. I bought 4 pairs of boots at £40 each but prices range with what the style/colour/original price was. 

So if you are a Doc's fan the place is really worth the trip. If you fancy driving there the address is 71 High Street, Wollaston, Northants, Wellingborough, NN29 7QE. Apparently there is also a Kurt Geiger factory shop in the same area so I will let you know what it is like when finally I find it.

A final word -  the last few weeks have been filled with really sad, needless events at home and abroad. Definitely a time to come together, not drive ourselves apart. Listen to the song. Even though the message is 30 year's old it still rings true.

And bloody VOTE tomorrow if you are in the UK, especially if you are a woman. It wasn't that long ago that we got a voice. Use it.

So do you have a favourite brand or style of footwear? Are you a Doc's wearer or think that they are terrible?  

Take care, lovelies.