Sunday, 23 April 2017

A Day at the Chazzas

Good morning , Lovelies! For those of you not in the UK, the "chazza" is a charity, or thrift shop. When I was growing up in the 70's and 80's, charity shops were a place you wouldn't be seen dead in but now shopping there could possibly be classed as a national sport. I have unashamedly stolen appropriated the word "chazza" from the lovely Vix over at Vintage Vixen.  It is just such an apt word,  and for me begs to be expanded into things like "chazzamatazz" (displaying a particularly fancy charity shop outfit) or even "chazz-tastic" (a bloody brilliant, but obviously charity shop, find).
Yesterday for me was a very good day for hunting down some charity shop finds. In fact between the junk shop in Bedford a couple of weeks ago and the local Salvation Army shop I have really managed to score some great bargains over the last couple of weeks. Well, they are bargains to me. One (wo)man's junk and all that.

First up the textile and haberdashery stuff. Check out these fab barkcloth curtains. There might be enough fabric to squeeze myself out a summer dress or skirt. Only question is do I go 50's or Mod?

Continuing with the green theme, look at this lovely ditsy floral yardage. Like many vintage fabrics it's only 36-inches wide and feels like a cotton. It has a very soft, drapey hand now it has been washed.  There is 2 yards of this, probably not enough to squeeze anything out it of it but we will see.  Who could leave this behind?

This lovely table cloth and linen tea towel were only a couple of quid each. I have a bit of a thing for lilacs they are just so old-fashioned and a bit cottage-garden. The colours and the pattern are just lovely. 

The tea towel has a little poem all about  the "Willow Pattern" round the outside. It looks unused with no fading at all and will end up being made into a cushion cover for my bedroom at some point.

Couldn't pass this lot up, 10 vintage metal zips for £3, some needles and buttons for 20p and a bag of wool for a quid. There seems to be a whole load more vintage crap stuff down here. No idea if it is because people here aren't really into it or if it is just the greater population density combined with the lack of a student population where I stay. Anyway, no complaints here, this is chazza-heaven.

I found some great cookware. Look at the gorgeous design, I was so glad to pick these up oven-to-table dishes as I had to leave them behind a couple of weeks ago. I was on foot and couldn't carry them. They must have been meant to come live with me.

Staffordshire made some truly funky designs in the 60's and 70's. These dishes were a bit grubby but are both mint condition and look like they have never been used.  They just needed a good scrub. Now I just have to have a dinner party to show them off. Bring out the vol-au-vents and the black forest gateaux!

This little dish and saucer are Denby. It is next to a lovely wee plate and a glazed terracotta dish that I bought at the same time for the princely sum of £3.50 for all three.

Since I seem to be on the 70's roll  of questionable taste™ at the moment I bought these pottery canisters for the kitchen. They are from the Hornsea pottery, the design is called "Bronte"dated 1978. It makes the kitchen feel a bit "Good Life".

I didn't have anything to keep my teabags in so they are nothing if not practical.

I have actually been tracing out some sewing patterns but I lack the fabric I want to make them up in (no excuse bt it is mostly in Glasgow) and only seem to have a curtain fabric shop close-by.  I am really enjoying having a wee hidey-hole but seriously need some storage. Everything is in bags still. Will get there in the end.

So have you found anything great in the chazzas? Car booty bonanza? Or do you hate the thought of buying anything second-hand?

I am glorying in the fact that I had wifi installed (finally) yesterday so will be able to catch up with all your posts soon.
Have a lovely Sunday!


Thursday, 6 April 2017

She's Leaving Home

Hello Lovelies, Well you may have wondered about why it has been so quiet for the last couple of months but in daily life there has been a huge amount of upheaval, all of it work related in one way or another.

Why the Po face?

A few weeks ago I was put on notice of redundancy. All things considered this was not a complete shock but it still knocked me off my feet a bit as it was now so real.  To be honest I was really surprised by my reaction. To say that I work in an industry where job security is not the best would be downplaying things more than a little. This was my fourth time being made redundant. 

Vintage Painting from Ruthven Lane, Glasgow and antique bronze Buddha housewarming pressie

Anyway to cut a long story short,  I am not a fan of uncertainty. I don't mind change but I hate not knowing the when, where or how,  so when a great job came up I jumped ship to another company rather than join “Maggie’s Millions” - Theresa style.  However, this did mean moving to another country, although it is England so only next door relatively speaking. I am however a 7 and a half-hour drive away from home. This definitely ain’t Kansas. It's a huge and scary deal for me.  Honestly, I should buy shares in Pickford's (or my own van).

The Backie! A lot of potential but maybe not if I am not here for long.

I have moved into a rented house with one of my of old work colleagues as we have gone to the same place. It is nice to have some company, he is great and the house is big enough to avoid each other but it is a bit weird to be sharing a house again at our advanced ages. Like the middle-aged "Young Ones".

Another housewarming pressies. This makes me feel like Albus Dumbledore.

The house itself came unfurnished and I didn’t bring much, although I did pack my vintage drinks cabinet  above (it's a bit of a fixer-upper but has a tremendous carved front), two vintage sewing machines, a whole heap of patterns and some random fabrics. I went into the Bedford, my nearest town on Saturday for a wander about. I found a chamber pot so it is now sitting in our tiny wee dining room filled with a house-warming cactus that I need to pot on.  I got a few gifts of vintage/antique furniture from my mates and brought some of the stuff that has been sat unloved in my garage for a long time. I found some great stuff but this post will be short as I am uploading everything by phone.

So that is me. I am missing you all and feeling cut off. They don't fit out internet for another 3 weeks! I have commandeered the spare room for a sewing den so watch this space.

Will keep you posted when I unearth more vintage gems from the boxes.

Take care,
K xx