Saturday, 23 July 2016

Blocks of Boredom: Checking In

Okay here is another quick catch-up post that I am writing whilst sat with a "cowpat" of henna on my hair, smothered in face cream lest I end up looking like an Oompa Loompa, and grooving along to David Bowie.  What a vision. I have never been so glad to be a blogger and not a vlogger!

 I had a spare night a couple of weeks ago and managed to get another 4 blocks sewn up. Patchworking  is really enjoyable but it is quite time consuming and I am never going to win any prizes for matching up my corners. It's all in the design though, right?

Where I stay for work during the week doesn't really have a whole tone of space so patchwork is perfect, it is small and easy to manage, not taking up too much space.

It is great getting it done in little chunks too.

Again most of the fabrics are Amy Butler, the spotty one above is a Japanese cotton from Mandor's in Glasgow.

Well, I am catching up with myself now so hopefully will be back on blogging track next week.
Have a wonderful weekend, Lovelies! Now to wash this off my head........ :)


Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Blunders of Modern Technology and An Accidental Purchase

Hello lovelies! I hope that you are surviving the sweltering heat here in the Northern Hemisphere (or the cold if you are down under). I have had NO INTERNET at my week-time digs for the past two weeks so am terribly behind with blogging. I did have my phone but it is so small that I can't read it easily so have been pretty cut off and although I have been keeping up with your posts I have been finding it hard to comment. Just what did we do without internet access? Not blog if I remember rightly. Oh dear. 

So, I have a confession to make, I have been really bad and may have *accidentally* come home a  couple of weekends ago with a "new" vintage sewing machine and then spent a whole Saturday cleaning and polishing her instead of taking photos of my corset progress but I am sure that you will forgive me when you see her. 

I had went to the local car boot fair with high hopes of scoring some vintage fabric or clothes, nothing doing on that score, but I found a stall selling junk and antiques that specialises in vintage sewing machines. They had loads from the 1880's right through to 1970's machines. 

I should have taken some before as she was manky but here she is in all her glory. Sprogzilla really helped me to get this clean, along with a small can of WD40, lots of cleaning rags, a load of sewing machine oil and some proper elbow grease. It was a truly filthy job and I haven't got the paint spots off the case yet but the machine is now spotless, shiny and running like a dream. Just look at the gorgeous "Lotus" decals and the lovely engraved plates.

I love this look of this machine. They really don't make them like this any more. The attention to detail is superb. This is the back of the machine.

I love the decoration. Weight wise this thing is a beast. I can hardly lift her. All her innards have been cleaned, polished to a gleam, oiled and adjusted to sew beautifully. Sorry I forgot to take a pic of the stitch quality so here are another couple of the decals. She goes through corset coutil like a bit of chiffon.

I think that she is a hand crank 66k for those of you that bother about such things. I came to this conclusion as she has the funny foot that is only found on the early models. According to all the details that I can find online, the 66k with the Lotus decals was made at Kilbowie (the "K" I think) between 1902 and 1906. This is at odds with the serial number which does not have any letters at the beginning and according to the Website this dates her to 1889. Either way she is a lovely old lady and I hope that she will be sewing in another hundred years time. 

So, if you have read this far I will be posting things this week in an effort to catch up with myself so watch this space. If you have any info about vintage Singers, or even want to share a link to your prized vintage machines or a comment then I would love to hear from you. I am building up quite a collection at MOR headquarters.

Have a great week!
K xx