Friday, 27 May 2016

My Belated 2016 Vintage Pattern Pledge!

Yay! The "Vintage Pattern Pledge" is back for another year - and it started in January and it is now May. I am of course fashionably late (Dahlings).

I have sewn nothing yet but I have bought a shedload of patterns. Taking part last year actually got me to sew three vintage patterns which might not seem a lot but I think was pretty good going all things considered. Choosing the patterns that I sewed was a bit hit or miss.  This year I have decided to be a bit more organised *cough, cough* and am going to pick them from my ever growing pattern stash and try to fill in my wardrobe blanks.

So I, Kelly from Mother of Reinvention, pledge to sew 6 vintage patterns (or more) from my collection, including one that will be drafted by me from an original garment, one that will be lingerie and at least one using vintage fabric.

Here are some of my choices for 2016. Choosing six gives me about a month to sew each pledge. All of these pattens are already in my collection and are ones that I think will be most useful. The ones that I will actually wear without feeling like I am in fancy dress. Although I love the era I don't think that I could pull of the 50's look - it's too polished and lady-like, all things that I am most definitely not.

I have always loved fashion from the 60's and 70's so this year I am going to oscillate between unleashing my inner Margo Leadbetter, my inner Mrs Slocombe and channeling some GTO chic.

Mrs Slocombe - Style icon, cat mama and the absolute queen of the double entendre.

I am hoping to make some stuff that will be useful as there are huge holes in my wardrobe. I think that apart from M&S-style work clothes I have a shedload couple of things I can't fit into and that is about it. I have no evening or party wear and nothing that fits what I would like to wear when I am not at work apart from jeans and very faded band t-shirts that should have been retired to dusters a long time ago. So hear are a few patterns that are possibles.




I have shedloads more but you may have seen them and I didn't want to put too many pics in this post as I have a couple of the garden.

Even though the place has been really neglected while I have been away there are little things that have self-seeded themselves and are making the place look pretty. Forget-me-nots and purple aquilegias are all over, even my 50p daffs and grape hyacinths from the bargain bin at B&Q look great. I think that the aquilegias might be "Black Barlow", if you are interested.

I have bought some herbs at Sprogzilla's school plant sale to fill a raised bed. Hopefully going to excavate a place for it this weekend and get them all in before the weather gets too hot and they have to be watered all the time.

Mittens is not impressed at all.

So are you doing the Pledge? Is sewing vintage your thing or would you not touch it with a barge pole? Do you even like sewing pledges?

Sending you all happy Spring vibes!


Monday, 2 May 2016

Blocks of Boredom: Three is the Magic Number

Bloody hell, it's been ages since my last post. I haven't meant to leave it so long but lack of stuff to blog about, plus being a bit down in the dumps, has not really been conducive to producing a flourish of posts, or sewing for that matter. Actually, I am doing myself a disservice. I have been doing a little cutting out of fabric, resulting in a few more "Blocks of Boredom".  Here are blocks 2-4. Only 20 or so to go.

Being a little short in variety and volume I did buy some new fabric from Mandor's in Glasgow and from John Lewis. I am planning to make a quilted throw for my Mum. She doesn't have internet access so I can post this here without her knowledge. I have no idea if she will like it but they are handy to have around the place, especially in a Scottish winter.  At this pace it might be ready for this one coming.

 Mum used to have a Siamese cat that she adored so I couldn't resist the cat fabric.
Each block is 12-inches/30cm/one foot square. To make it sort of double bed  throw sized I think that I will need to make it 6 by 4 blocks big or even 5 by 5 plus sashing. That is a minimum of 24 blocks. I had better get my sewing skates on. I love all the colours. Very not "me" but they are so Spring-like and cheerful.

Random Fabric Photos

I have the backing fabric washed and ready to go for this. It is Amy Butler' "Spring's Beauty" which I bought from John Lewis. I was hoping to finish Sprogzilla's first but I haven't found a decent fabric for the back of that one and we haven't redecorated her room yet so it is okay for now.

Squillions of buttons and they cost just a quid!

I have also been picking up some odd vintage bits of bobs, including a lovely fox fur stole that I think I am allergic to, lots of buttons, a lovely red Tootal scarf that Mum bought me and a pink felt 60's (?) hat by Miss Millie which was apparently from C&A. It is a couple of inches too wee in circumference for my massive head but for £2.95 it was coming home with me.

Look at that wee face. How could I consign him to landfill when he could come and live with me?

I have some polystyrene heads so am thinking of trying to stretch it. Maybe a bad idea? Has anyone ever tried to give it a go. I did a millinery class once and think I might be able to steam and stretch it and pin it till it dries. Any advice grateful received. Will take a photo if it survives the abuse.

As an aside it is really a shame that we are losing another High Street store in BHS which seems to be going the way of C&A. Very sad and terrible for all the people that might lose their jobs. Not going to make any comments about a Kleptocracy, no not me at all.

Next post will be about my Vintage Pledge for 2016. I have been stockpiling patterns and fabric like crazy and actually tracing some of them off to make adjustments to. 

Take care and have a great week!