Sunday, 18 October 2015

My "New" Vintage Coat and Jumble Sale Finds

Life is definitely getting in the way of blogging at the moment. However, not all of it is work-related. Two weekends ago I went to a jumble sale in Morpeth. I had spotted the poster for it on my first visit and was really excited to go, especially as it co-incided with the Morpeth Food and Drink Festival that I didn't even know was on until we got there. Result!

I found vintage fabric. Yippee!  It is brown and blue. I seem to be following the trend. Plus some crocheted dollies for my massive  carefully curated collection and lots of vintage cutlery. The fabric is a very lightweight cotton, semi-transparent but it has a stiff hand. I am not sure if it is a voile. I think that the pattern looks very Liberty-esque although it is not (I think).

I also found a a nice 1960's modernist necklace. It is by the Danish jewellery designer Jorgen Jensen, not to be confused by the son of jeweller Georg Jensen although they had the same name and at one time they worked at the same silversmiths. Jorgen Jensen designed mainly in pewter and produced some lovely modernist pieces. You can see the difference between the two designers in this Pinterest board. Mine is in pewter with turquoise-coloured stones or maybe glass. It is lovely and was a very good buy at 50p!

 I also bought a little metal bag, an Anna Sui one. I don't now if this came in a gift set  or was a freebie with perfume but I love the colours and the design.  I am not normally a fan of anything logo'd but I will make an exception for this. I like little cocktail-style bags so am very glad to welcome this one to the pile.


So now to my vintage coat. It is a Aquascutum blue boucle wooden top coat. Is it a swing coat? I don't know. It has a slight A-line shape, probably would have been shin-length (both not on me though) and has the traditional bracelet sleeves you would associate with this style and age of coat. It is really warm and cosy. I am in love with this colour, it is such a departure from my usual black.

This is possibly the worst crappy phone photo of me ever, it was just after 6.30am on my way to work. I have no make-up on, look ridiculously tired and the lighting is awful. Definitely channeling my inner Penfold. Still you work with what you have and I needed to post. With all the crazy going on here I have had no time at all to take photos. I am definitely moving though by the end of the month so hopefully I will have a lot more time for sewing, blogging and taking lots of pictures after that.

So have you been lucky finding things? Are you sewing with the Winter in mind? Or even taking photos at ridiculous hours of the morning?

Sending you all some warm and wooly best wishes from the frozen soggy North!