Sunday, 7 June 2015

How I Finally Got to Goldhawk Road and a Sneaky Peak of an Almost Finished Sewing Dare

Have you ever been to Goldhawk Road? This fabled street, beloved of sewing bloggers, has always been on my must visit list. Like most fabric junkies I was really taken with a street full of cheap fabric shops. However, every time I have been down to London I have never had the time.

As luck would have it I was down in London Wednesday/Thursday last week. My meeting finished much earlier than I thought on Thursday so I was out of there like a greased whippet. Brandishing my Oyster card, I hopped on the Underground to Fabric Heaven.

Do you know I thought that I hadn't been there before but I had too many years ago to admit. It wasn't until I got across from the Shepherd's Bush Empire end that I realise I had. 
Pub-ja vu!

Apologies for the wrinkles. Washed but not ironed. 

I bought some fabric. Well three bits of fabric *ahem*. For me that was quite restrained but I had already bought a shitload of fabric  some this week online and was trying to be good. 

 I bought a flowery pale green cotton with orange and green flowers, a poly crepe in a sort of eye-watering ikat pattern and a cotton voile with another style of ikat-like print.

I used the voile to start on one of my sewing dares, the sleeveless tank from The Great British Sewing Bee Book 3. I bought it with it in mind. I was reading two blog posts this week about darts; one on dart positioning on Rhonda's Creative Life and one on how to overcome the "Honking Big Dart" where you are left with a massive flap of fabric after doing a full bust adjustment on the Curvy Sewing Collective- a problem I am often left with.

As I had to do a 3-inch FBA for this top I decided to split the dart in two. I was worried that it would be really obvious and disrupt the pattern but it turned out okay. I will really do this again and might even up to ante to three. I also did my usual 1-inch broad back adjustment.

I have almost finished this top. All I have to do is bind the armholes, do the buttonholes/buttons and finish the hems. I ran out of fabric to make this the length I prefer and was going to use some of the leftovers to add a band on the bottom. However, I was out on Saturday and there were lots of fringes and trims on the bottom of tops. I bought the green cotton lace when I first went to Barcelona for a meeting from Ribes Y Casals. I was going to trim a corset with it but the top was too curved make the trim lie flat. I thought that it is too nice for something for me but bugger it, it's the perfect match so it's going on. I will sew this on by hand. Just need to buy some buttons now.

So this must be a first for me, buying, pre-washing and sewing up a bit of fabric all in a couple of days. I am really enjoying my sewing dare and am finding myself quite motivated.

So do you have a favourite place for fabric shopping? Have you been to Goldhawk Road? Or can recommend somewhere else?

Hope you are all enjoying the great weather wherever you are!

 Later Lovelies!
K xx


  1. Oh I love the Goldhawk Road. I've only been a couple of times but it's such fun....and so much cheaper than The Cloth House! ;-) Love your purchases. Can't wait to see the finished results.

    1. I now have a new fabric shop(s) crush. Pity it is so far away or I would be there every day, and be completely broke too. Can't wait to go again. Xx

  2. Never been to Goldhawk Road. Sounds dangerous for the wallet though. Loving the look of your fabric especially the one you have started working on. Looking forward to seeing it and the green lace top.
    Pub-ja vu made me laugh. My dad had Pub-ja vu at almost every suburb in NSW.

    1. Your comment made me laugh too. Yes, I am glad that I don't live in London as if it was a choice between food or fabric I would be a twig. Xx

  3. No, never been, but it does sound great! Love the fabrics you chose - plenty of colour and print, you can't got wrong!
    Too nice for something for you? Give over, it's a lovely bit of lace, get it used! I'm looking forward to seeing the top when its finished.
    PS. Thanks for your advice about bust darts - I'll try and do it properly next time instead of guessing! And thanks for being so kind about my sewing - I'm certainly still a novice, but I'm getting better and REALLY enjoying it! xxx

    1. Thanks Curtise. I wore nothing but solid black for many years but I love colours and am brave enough to wear them now. Your sewing is great, you are so fearless and just go and make stuff. I would just not do it and worry about things. It's very inspiring. You make beautiful clothes. Xx

  4. Just catching up on some reading and spotted this :) I would loooove to go but I've never made it so far. Love your fabrics!

    1. Hi Elaine, Thanks for your comment. It really is fabric heaven. There are just so many shops selling pretty much everything and all sorts of price ranges. I am just trying to find a way to get back soon. I hope that you get the chance to go sometime. Xx