Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Prison Drawings and Funky Fabric

Hi All, sorry for not posting for a couple of weeks. It was Mum's 81st birthday last weekend so Sprogzilla and I were in Edinburgh. However, no trip out with Mum is complete without an assault on the shops so we hit Glasgow for a wander about.  I left a shattered Mum and Sprogzilla having a very welcome cup of coffee and snuck in a quick foray to Mandor's fabric shop, my spiritual home. I love this place so much. If you are interested the lovely blog, Kestrel Makes has a very comprehensive and recent review which you can see here,

The ladies are about 10 inches high. Subtle it is not.

I bought this fabric. It is awesome, in every sense of the word. It has had mixed reactions from the people I have showed it to but I love it and that is what counts. Someday it will be a pencil skirt, when or if I ever get some sewing time again.  Work is a bit mental at the moment but I asked if I can work from home a bit so my first day was Friday. Not a train in sight! Yipee! 

Another reason that I wanted to work from home was that we were hosting an exhibition down at the Studios on Friday night. Earlier this year we had a bit of a shake up down there which very sadly left us directorless. Three of us put in a proposal to take over, out of necessity, and have been running the place for the last 3-4 months.. One of the things we have done is to use one of the big empty studios for a "pop up" workshop and/or gallery space. This was our first event since taking over and it was a great success.

"The Prison Drawings" was an exhibition by graffiti artist, The Taffy (yes, he is Welsh) who
was arrested and sent to prison for 22 months for spray painting trains. I am sure that there are many conflicting views on the rights and wrongs of graffiti but to me this seems a little extreme when rapists and murderers walk away with little more or less in the UK every day. Anyway, enough of my views and back to the event.

The studios were transformed for the night with our big blackboard wall at the entrance, normally reserved for notices and stuff, completely transformed. It was beautiful, although I think that it ended up decorating the back of many unwitting people's jackets as the night went on.

There is actually a door in this wall!

I was amazed at just how tiny and detailed the drawings were. I had a lovely discussion with accessories designer, Melanie Kyles about how they would be fantastic embroidery designs. Apologies for the rather rubbish camera phone photos, I didn't have my glasses on, big mistake as I was squinting at people all night.

The windows of the space were decorated too. I think that this is a much better view than normal.

There was a very cool video installation of a scrapped bus being spray painted and a pretty fabulous ghetto house DJ playing a specially chosen soundtrack. I felt a bit old to be honest, with the place being mobbed by young hipster-types but the music was great.
There was even a little mock-up of a prison cell that you had to peep through a window to see.

Anyway, another completely non-sewing related post but at least it has fabric in it. We will be doing more stuff and I promise that one of the first exhibitions of the New Year will be sewing-related, honest.

Hope you are all having a great week!
K xx



  1. I love that fabric! It's so kitschy and chic at the same time. Definitely one-of-a-kind. That exhibit looks interesting as well

    1. Hi Tanya, thanks for the kind comment. My brothers girlfriend started laughing when she saw it. The exhibition was pretty interesting. We are looking to hold a lot more events like this in the coming months. Xx

  2. The exhibition looks great. I don't have a problem with street art, some of the stuff you see is amazingly skilful and beautiful. But not everyone is a Banksy (or The Taffy!) and crappy tags and the like sprayed all over the place annoy me. That custodial sentence does seem a little excessive.
    I think your fabric rocks! I'd love a dress made from it, maybe a 1950s wiggle style fitted frock. Which reminds me I need to get sewing, I've been a real slacker... xxx

    1. Hi Curtise, I hear what you are saying. Graffiti like that annoys me too. There are some lovely bits of graffiti about though on old buildings round town and they really cheer the place up. The fabric is pretty thick, almost a bit canvassy. It did soften up a bit once I had washed it and I am sure that it will soften a bit more still. Would make an ace dress or maybe even a jacket. I should have bought more. Good luck with your sewing. You are putting me to shame with your beautiful makes. Xx

  3. Love the look of this art work. Where is the exhibition and how long is it on for?

    1. Hi Nora, Isn't it lovely and so detailed. The exhibition was a pop-up one nighter at Monument Studios in Newcastle, which is located in Commercial Union House on Pilgrim Street. We will be hosting more shows like this in the New Year. You can see the work much better on Xx