Sunday, 26 October 2014

Fractals, Crystals and Tiny Stitches

Hi Everyone, well there has been some sewing this week but it is slow progress for me. I actually had a chance to slope off yesterday for a couple of hours and do some more work on my neck corsets. I know that it seems like I have been sewing them forever, well it does at least to me, but I stitch everything together very carefully by hand before it gets machined and I am not very fast or confident with my handwork.

Hopefully these will sink into the fabric once it has had a press.

I have put in the boning on the red one and lined both the red and the orange making sure that all the seams of the outer shell and the lining line up. Then they were tacked together and I sewed on the bias binding, finishing it on the inside with lots of tiny prick stitches to try to make it as unobtrusive as possible. Hand sewing is definitely not my strongest suit.

The fraying will be covered by tiny flowers and is where I am going to attach some strings of vintage pearls.

I have added in some Swarovski crystals that I had lying around in four shades of cream and brown. I think that they pick up the colours of the motifs well although both the colours and the sparkle are proving elusive to capture in a photo. Here the dark ones look too brown but in reality they have an orangey glow when they are hit by the light. I still need to bind the top of each one and find some silk flowers in the right size and colour. I did have a cheap one from Primark kicking about so pinned it on to see how it might look. It is of course too big and not quite the right colour but it gives the general impression of how this will be worn. No wallflowers in this one. 

Gosh, she looks a bit grumpy from this angle but I would be too with a flower pinned to my neck.

So, apart from that this week has just been all about work. It is pretty mental at the moment as I have a product launch on Friday next week. Am really excited about it but it is going to be a bit bonkers for the next few days, as if it is not normally!

Anyway, I hope that you have been having a good time, creating loads, having fun and here's to getting life back to normal again. I will leave you with a picture of a cauliflower that looks like a fractal (and now looks like a curry), just because I can. 

Mandelbrot Cauli. What an awesome beastie! Maths and curry in one dish.

 Vegetable rights and peace!
K xx


  1. Your collars look incredibly intricate and beautifully constructed. And hand sewn, so neatly - just lovely!
    Those cauliflowers are wonderful looking - how do they taste?
    Hope things calm down a bit soon! xxx

    1. Had a bit of a cooking disaster with the curry in the slow cooker, plus I have spent the day baking for work tomorrow and managed to set my chocolate on fire in the microwave when I tried to melt it. Been one of those days. Things should be a bit quieter come November I hope. xxxx

  2. I'm the opposite to you.... I can't use a sewing machine, it just runs away from me - heavy right foot, I used to love fast driving! But I love, love to sit and handsew and was taught how to be neat from an early age, first by my late mother and then the nuns at the convent, who were sticklers for neatness. Tiny stitches and tiny neat handwriting was the way to coax a smile from one of them! Love your work, as ever.

  3. Thanks Edwina, I am afraid that neatness is definitely not my strong point and I will only drive a car in extremis, never mind fast. I really admire your ability in handwork. I see so many beautiful embroideries and stitched things and sigh. ;) xxxx