Saturday, 20 September 2014

2000 Miles Is Very Far.......

Hello All! I am writing this on the train, my new (spiritual) home. (Updated: added pictures today).

The slightly squashed first mice pie of the year! My new portable dinner plan.

Can someone please explain to me why I thought it would be a good idea to commute to work? You will be able to get some sewing done at nights she said (in her head) and loads of knitting on the train (sardines anyone?). 

King Cole Double Knitting. 

Well that idea has come back to bite me but at least on the upside I am home to sleep like the dead the minute I am through the door have more time with Sprogzilla. In reality I am now out for about 15 hours a day and am clocking up a fair few (100s) miles every day so sewing will be relegated to the weekends if I am lucky. I am doing some knitting though.

I am using one strand King Cole DK and 1 strand  DK black wool

Lots of scarfs again. Triangular ones using a pattern from King Cole. It is super simple and as it is knitted up on 10mm needles (size 000 in old money) it is pretty fast. It also has the bonus that it will fit in my bag. I am also using some Noro Kureyon but have run out of wool to finish it so need to go back to the shop to get more. I bought it from Ramshambles in York which is a great wee shop with really good customer service and lovely wool.

Noro Kureyon. Lovely to knit with. The camera has lightened the colours a lot.

On the sewing front there is much happening. I am doing a photo shoot in a couple of weeks. I am making some neck corsets to go with corsets I have already made as it (in corset making terms) is a bit last minute. I have started making a nice orange silk one and a dark red one.

QE1 - This is my inspiration for the orange one.

I also hope to have the pastel pink/silver grey shot one finished as well. Trouble is as I have no neck and woudn't suit me I have no first hand exoerience of wearing one and I can't decide how comfortable steel boning will be in them. I have made one with 7mm spiral steel boning but it seemed a bit stiff. The orange one has the fabric covered sew-in type of ridglene boning in it. It was a breeze to sew in and you can even sew over it. I think that this might be my default from now on,

One layer of silk dupion and one of cotton herringbone coutil flatlined together, but only at the sides. I also normally interface the silk before sewing them together but my iron was playing up so didn't want to risk it.

Anyway I am using my self-drafted pattern. I has 12 pieces and is cuts to cover the collarbones and a bit of the shoulders as well and is a nice fluted shape at the bottom.

Corset front embellished with an old crochet doilly, mother of pearl buttons and Swarovski crystals. The fabric is the same as above just more like the actual colour in this shot.

It is made to match the orange corset that I made for Fashion Week 3 years ago but have never done a photoshoot with yet. I have many, many samples waiting to be photographed. :(

I really love these two colours together but I had a problem as although I bought three of the bits of crochet I couldn't find the other two.

I did have a vintage necklace that kind of goes with the general feel though which I had bought at the time with this look in mind.

I also found a few bits of French couture laces in various colours, with some in ivory , mink and cream. The quality is amazing but I only have very small pieces. These are attached all over with tiny invisible prick stitches. I also have tons of strands of vintage pearls as I usually try to pick up interesting second-hand vintage jewelry when I see it. Comes in handy. 
This lace is beautiful. wish I had more.
Anyway, progress has been slow but I am really looking forward to the end result. All Scottish team - fabulous models, a super photographer lined up and Mel from Le Hat Noir is doing the hats again. Some are tartan so really bang on trend for this winter. I am super excited but sewing for me is on hold until after the middle of October. Will keep posting when I have finished these. There will be flowers!

Hope your week(s) have been great. Happy creating.
K xx


  1. I am really looking forward to the photos of the finished article. In awe of your creativity, imagination and sewing skills - not to mention patience!

    1. Thanks Edwina. I am so looking forward to this shoot. It is a fantastic team. Xx

  2. Wow, the orange ruff/neck thingy will look amazing, love all the detail and the colour. I am really looking forward to seeing the results of the photo shoot. Your pieces look so painstaking to construct, but the end results are definitely worth all the effort.
    Your wool looks so soft, gorgeous colours, but uh oh, a long commute is a killer... It just drains time and energy, doesn't it? And I guess it's hard to knit if you are packed in to a heaving commuter train. xxxx

  3. Thanks Curtise, I love those colours too. I am the World's worst goth. I am really liking knitting as I miss making things and it is so portable. Commuting is a right, royal PITA and I have at least 5 hours a day at the moment. Good thing I have my "jumble sale" killer elbows at the ready so I get some knitting space but usually get death looks from blokes who have folders, cases and laptops everywhere for taking up too much room as I am doing a very good impersonation of someone trying to be as small as possible (not easy for me)? ;) xxxx