Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Rip it Up and Start Again.........

Seems like ages since I have posted anything but I have been snowed under with work (as per...). Think that you have got something done then three things come along to take its place!  Added to that I forgot to bring a USB cable so and had to snaffle mine from work today to download pics from my camera. Still I am off on holiday in about three weeks and it can't come soon enough. Two weeks of being home and NOT living out of a suitcase sounds utterly fantastic to me.

This actually looks like a collar!

I did get a little sewing done this weekend though. I did a bit of my shirt and all was going swimmingly. I top-stitched the front bands without sewing wobbly lines, my sleeves went in without so much as a single pucker but the collar. Quelle horreur!

Not even pressed yet and the tacking stitches still in but looking good,

 I totally screwed up somewhere and one end was a little longer than the front of the shirt. No pictures of the pig's ear I made of it or I will cry. I must have stretched it when I was sewing it but it still fitted perfectly over the other which was covered in fusible interfacing. I don't know what I did but after half a dozen attempts I had to stop and do something else. The other end was perfect as well. Not sure whether to unpick it all or just a bit, or even cut a new collar. Not sure if I have enough fabric for that one though. Stopped in a hissy fit before I put the cuffs on as it was liable to meet a gruesome end with my fabric shears otherwise. Anyway I think that it covers my ginormous bosom fits ok.

Really need to add front darts.

I should really have trimmed all the threads of before Sprogzilla took this

Talking of fabric I have bought lots. The red linen that I got a couple of weeks ago, green star-spangled cotton for Sprogzilla's shirt, the orange polka dot for my sheet shirt facings and some bits of Solstiss lace for some corsetry work I am doing,

Small, but perfectly formed.

Solstiss are a family lace-making company based in Caudry in the north of France. There is a long tradition of lace making in Caudry which started with the introduction of a smuggled  English loom in 1808 (from Nottingham, natch) and was aided by French modifications by a M. Jacquard (who knew?) to allow the loom to use pattern cards (a Jacquard loom) to produce Leaver's Lace. They are the only remaining lace making town in France and even have a lace museum there. I would love to go to that, especially since they have a current exhibition of dresses from the film, "The Great Gatsby". Never seen it but I loved the book and the costumes look incredible.

Look at the beauty! Source

Solstiss supply lace to lots of the big couture houses and even made the lace designed by Sophie Hallette for the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress. With such a pedigree it would normally be well out of my beer-bottle budget but I managed to find some small pieces for sale which were not too expensive. They are small but perfectly sufficient for what I need. It is pretty hard to get good lace these days.

I also bought a couple of vintage patterns from eBay as I do when I am bored. I am going to use the sarong skirt to make something a bit cheesy and Tiki-inspired when the right fabric comes along.

This is a bit of inspiration for a pattern hack I will be doing shortly.

Simplicity 8706. Do you think that this would work with a border print?

The dress, well I have a border print linen but I don't know if the pattern will work with a flare?
Anyway, I had better skedaddle as I have work to do tonight. BOO!!
Leaving you with a song.

Hope that you are all having a sunny summer week.
K xx


  1. The shirt looks great, what lovely fabric. As difficult as the troublesome collar has been for you, it's rather comforting to a novice like me to know that even experienced seamstresses have issues sometimes! So that's alright then!
    The lace is absolutely beautiful, and how interesting to know that the loom originated from Nottingham, and that there was a M. Jacquard. And yes, I think the 1960s pattern would work with a border print, the dress is A-line rather than really flared, but then I don't know much about matching up prints (I have ignored that so far in my sewing...) As that bloke always says on Project Runway - "make it work!" xxx

    1. Oh, I mess up all the time but keep it under your hat. I am just lightening fast with a seam ripper from all the practice I've got. The print I have is a bit abstract. It is black on cream so I think that I might just get away with it. Want to make something a bit more tasteful and Anthropologie-like for work. Bound for disaster already as a couple of things make me think that it might just hang a bit differently on me. Hope your sewing is coming along fine. xxxx

  2. Oh my goodness I'm in love with the French laces and embellishment :0 absolutely divine!! You've done a great job on the blouse too, it fits you perfect :) xxx

    1. They are great aren't they? Really heavy duty and a bit OTT in real life. Thanks for the comment re: fit. Have actually taken some time to do all the pattern adjustments I need not just wing it. Hope everything is going well with your launch. xxxx

  3. You are way too critical, I think you have done an amazing job x

  4. Thanks Josie. I might even wear this one when it is finished. Xx