Monday, 23 June 2014

Carry Me Caravan, Take me Away........

Sorry for the gap in posting. I have been away with work, then had a horrendous deadline and then was in Edinburgh again this weekend seeing my Mum so no sewing done but I have been buying fabric, a couple of new patterns and a copy of Patrones magazine! If you haven't read Patrones before then it is a Spanish magazine with sewing patterns in like BurdaStyle where you have to trace them off the sheets. It is very fashion forward and usually has a lot of designs by fancy labels. I have never seen one in the UK which is a pity, but I did buy one from eBay ages ago.
patrones 338

This is full of lovely outfits. I think that the sizing runs pretty small though.

I think that I have been buying stuff as a bit of displacement activity 'cos things have been a bit busy. I mean look at these. Not really me at all. Add to the collection I suppose and they were cheap. My favourite kind of pattern.

Bloody Hell! What was I thinking buying these two? I am fat and rectangular enough without wearing these. Better book me in for a sack-fitting!

 I was lucky enough to go to Spain the other week and it was glorious (and bloody hot). I am scared into catatonia by the thought of flying, I hate the sound of the engine and freak out at every clunk and change in tone. Solution: my earbuds in and some tunes blasting. That coupled with Morrisey's autobiography and I was happy as I could be when facing certain death a clam!
I didn't take a camera with me but  here are a couple of pics of  the view from where I was.

It was the Garrotxa region of Catalonia and I have to say it was very special. The scenery was fabulous, the food was delicious and the people wonderful (no drink for me with 8am meetings though). I would definitely like to go back again. There looked like some great places to explore. On the way back to the airport we had a spare hour (literally) and stopped for an ice cream in Besalu. What a lovely place filled with medieval flagged streets, roman ruins and a huge stone bridge across the river. There was a guy on it playing early music on a steel drum. Sounds a bit bizarre, and I suppose it was, but it was a bit magical too.

I also learnt about a "Mikveh" which is a ritual bathing place used in Judaism. There was fantastic ruins of a medieval synagogue, school and a mikveh at the side of the bridge. Unfortunately to see round you had to book and we literally had no time left. 
So a short post with borrowed photos and no sewing.

Probably the worst sewing blog in the world.....

Anyway, I hope that you are all great. I will get behind a machine again soon, promise. :)

K xx


  1. Wow, Garrotxa looks stunning, definitely a place to return to with more time to explore.
    Come on, show us your fabric! Hope life gets a bit less hectic soon. xxx

    1. Hello! Yes, it was beautiful but I spent more time travelling to get there than actually being there. Definitely go again though. I will put some pics up when I remember to bring a lead for my phone...Doh! I bought some black cotton on with green stars for Sprogzilla, some red linen for trousers and some tiny orange and white polka dot quilting cotton for the inside of the sheet shirt collar and cuffs. I had visualized it in my head that that was what I wanted and was really happy to find it in Glasgow. How are you getting on with your beautiful sewing? xxxx

  2. Not the worst blog at all, one of the best :) You are sharing your life!

    1. Awww Rhonda, you would be bored stiff if I did. Far too much work and not enough play, but thanks all the same for your lovely comment. xxxx

  3. It looks lovely, I am just a little jealous. Don't worry about the lack of sewing in this post, I love all of your blogging, stitching or otherwise!