Monday, 5 May 2014

NFW Collaboration Part 2.

Wow, has this weekend been busy. Well actually it has been a busy long weekend as I have been off work Thursday and today. I have been mostly in the Studio helping Helen and Lydia with the F6 items for Newcastle Fashion Week. This year we are all collaborating. I just don't have the time at the moment to sew up a collection for the catwalk on my own and was a bit unhappy with that so I am really delighted to be collaborating with such talented designers.

The weather has been great and we have had lovely light in the garden.

To be honest with everything that has been going on in the past year I have been a bit down and was seriously considering giving up the corsetry and even sewing. I have just been a bit disillusioned and burnt-out. Reading through the blogs that I follow (and that is a lot) I know that I have not been on my own thinking this way. Maybe it is the time of year? Anyway, the last couple of weeks I have been feeling a bit more energized and think that I might just be getting my mojo back. I am sure that it is partly that the girls from work that came to learn sewing are so enthusiastic. They are doing really well with their dresses. Quite an ambitious project for a first attempt.

Loads of sewing going on making lovely summer dresses.

Anyway, I can't tell you what I have been helping to sew up but I have been doing loads of handwork, thread-tracing pattern pieces and tacking everything together. Even some tailoring stitches I haven't used for almost 30 years since my tailoring hand Saturday job!

I do have a couple of sneaky peaks of what we have been up to. Here is a shot of Helen dyeing fabric. This was just at the start of the process as she was applying dyes and the colours are now much more diffuse and vivid. I am always really interested in other peoples process and this was fascinating to watch. No pics of the final fabric for just now.

Helen dyeing fabric

Here is another shot from the sewing room. You can just see a bit of Lydia's amazing fabric. She has woven three colourways. The red is one of them. We had to use strips of fusible interfacing to stabilise where the stitching lines would be and just into the seam allowance as it is quite loosely woven in places.

Lots of interfacing going on.

Anyway, apart from that I don't have much to report. I haven't made anything for myself but have invested in some new fabrics. I even bought some ponte knit fabric in a truly wild splodge pattern as I am terrified of sewing knits but have the Cake Patterns Tiramisu dress pattern in my stash so mean to give it a go fairly soon.

Hoping all is well in your world.



  1. Ooh, I am Intrigued to see the final result of those fabrics, I think they will look stunning.
    No, you mustn't give up, you have too many skills not to use them! The corsets that you showed on your blog are astonishingly beautiful, you could be selling them to Agent Provocateur! What Newcastle needs is an exclusive burlesque/lingerie shop, which you can supply!
    That first photo is wonderful, look at those colours.
    Thanks for your offer of the Vogue pattern. I think I am going to try and make some trousers (flares!) and see how that goes, and if they are successful, I wondered if it was possible to use that pattern (which has a back zip) with the pattern of a bodice from a dress and put the two together? Well, I know it IS possible, of course, but it might be a tad over ambitious for a beginner... Anyway, there're no rush, I need to have a go at the trousers first! Thanks again for your encouragement and support, I appreciate it. xxxx

    1. Hello! Thanks for your kind comment. It shoud be pretty easy to "Frankenpattern" trousers and a bodice together. Flares are the best. I used to have many pairs of flares in bright colours and prints. They certainly didn't match up with the rest of my style. I was the worst goth ever. I am so inspired by your fearlessness in your sewing. It is really infectious. Really looking forward to seeing your makes. I know that you will rock them. Xxxx

  2. So happy that you are stickling with it! I too at times feel like throwing in the towel. I think that when we are feeling so down and disillusioned, that's when more than ever we need to dig in our shoes and say, "I'm here to least for now."

    1. Rhonda, you are so right. I know that I would be left with a big gap in my life if I did pack it in. For me, as well as many others, the creative side of my life keeps me sane. Thanks you for your positive words. Xxxx

  3. Everyone loses their creative mojo from time to time. But with all that is going on around you I am not surprised that you are still giving it a go. I love what is going on with those fabrics!

    1. Thanks for your comment. That is really true. The fabrics are amazing. You should see them now they are finished (exvept I can't show you until after next week) the colours are so vivid. They are two very talented ladies? Xx