Sunday, 18 May 2014

F6 @ Fashion Front Row - The Photos

Ok, now is the calm after all the rushing about. I had to bail out from the stitching on last Sunday night to return to work and left everyone sewing, talk about feeling terrible, so can take very little credit for anything much in the following pictures in this post bar a little minor sewing and general chit-chat. 

Isn't this dress absolutely stunning? Photo credit: Dan Graham Photography

I did not attend FFR itself with it being on a "school night"*boo, hiss*. All the fabrics in these pics was designed and printed either by Helen (Kahtash) or a beautiful woven fabric from Lydia (Bayly). Tiago, my room-mate also helped out with some design/sewing (Galvan). They did not use my cincher on the night so no pics of that but, hey, I actually made something and did some sewing!

Effortlessly stylish and so Summer chic. I love this outfit.

Comes is a range of colours too!
The yellow is so summery. Photo credit: Dan Graham Photography
I am really loving the idea of shorts for this Summer. This is coming from the woman that does not expose any skin, ever! I mean look at these blue ones.

I really love this fabric. I looks fabulous here but SO much better in real life.

I am so incredibly proud of everybody and it was a brilliant couple of weeks actually spending time working with each other. We have something else up our sleeves for later on in the summer which I will be making more stuff for, in a BIG way.I am already designing things in my head so the mojo is definitely back working overtime. I will leave you with another couple of beautiful dresses. 

That print!

If you want to read more about our escapades and the collaboration between fellow F6-er Melanie Kyles  and the luxury lingerie brand, Tallulah Love then please click over to the F6 Blog.

Another amazing print. Photo credit: Peter Reed

Anyway, I was also at The Late Shows this weekend where loads of art venues open up to the public in Newcastle and Gateshead. Sprogzilla and I ate, drank and Instagrammed our way round. There was loads going on and I took many, many photos, especially of the handbag exhibition. However, I forgot to pack my USB cable so can't download them off my phone until I get into work tomorrow. Doh!

Anyway, I am starting to waffle so this is enough for one night. I hope that you are all enjoying the sun wherever you are.

K xx


  1. I have indeed enjoyed the sunshine this weekend, and I've really enjoyed this fashion show too! What wonderful fabrics, colours and designs, so impressive. That first dress is absolutely stunning.
    PS. Our charity shops have their fair share of Primarni tat too! xxxx

    1. Thanks. I loved helping out with this. Everyone worked so hard. The designs are beautiful and I wish that first dress was my size although it might not have quite the same effect on me. The colours would look great on you. xxxx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Rhonda, they are indeed. The colours are much more vivid in real life. xx