Sunday, 6 April 2014

Hubble Bubble, Toile and Trouble

Yay!, It is that time of the week again and I have been creating. I was home alone last night so I stayed up until 3am catching up on Gardener's World and knitting. Did I just say that? I did. No more Rock 'n' Roll lifestyle in this house I tell ya. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Even the cat that's not ours didn't want to keep me company.

Granny pic nicked from Google and doctored by me.

I finished the little neck warmer for Sprogzilla and I quite like it. Actually I like the way the wool looks the wrong way round better. Still got to give it a wash and sew the ends in.

Yet another neck warmer. Oh, dear.

Bored, I found a lone ball of Noro Kogarashi wool/silk mix. I had bought a skein to put I my brother's fiancée's Christmas present and it literally fell apart when I picked it up to wrap it. It coiled itself into a huge tangle so I had to keep it *mwah, ha, ha*. I eventually got in into a ball but it took about 3 hours and much swearing.  Not using a pattern just the inspiration from the "Present" one I used at first. The textured shape is good but it really is too high for me as I have no neck. Not too sure (again) of the colours for me either but it will be a change from black.

Knitting Japanese, I think I'm knitting Japanese. I really think so!

Today I went down to the studio and sewed up a muslin for Simplicity 2339, the pattern that I had made all the changes to. I cut it out with about an inch extra on the side seams as a kind of fit insurance then sewed it up on the original cutting line. It was a bit too roomy even for me. Got a bit of a shot-putter shoulder thing going on.

Version 1: A tad on the roomy side even over my voluminous T-shirt. What is my hair doing?

I went back and sewed it up again on the proper stitch line. Much better. The bust darts could probably use being dropped a little and I know that I sewed up the one on the left a little wonkily as I was trying to do it in a hurry but overall I can live with the fit. I am going to put the darts in the back though to give it a little bit more fit.

V2: The button placket still needs to go on the front.

So, now that I see Version 2 I am not so sure that I needed to 2-inch broad back adjustment on the yoke piece as the shoulders look too big. I will have to make this up in less precious fabric to try it out. I always make things far too big for me. Probably a consequence of being skinny then being fat with nothing much in between. Makes it hard to gauge your own size.  I can see me taking out a couple of centimetres as the yoke being that sloppy looking will just annoy me. It is at the back though and I am appreciating the room under the arms. Maybe I should just take in the yoke to its original size, keep the width in the body and add a small box pleat at the centre yoke back? Hmmm, think that would solve it though?

Anyway, I am off to find something that fits me to wear for work tomorrow. Least I can finish my scarf on the train.

Have a great week!
K xx

P.S. I bought "The Great British Sewing Bee - Sew Your Own Wardrobe" book on Monday. Might review it during the week. If you have it what do you think?


  1. I am so impressed that anyone can make a shirt. With adjustments to fit and everything! The scarves look great, I really like the warm russet-y colours and think they would look beautiful against your hair. xxx

    1. Thank you. I bought the Noro wool for someone with blonde hair as it has little flecks of turquoise and coral in it. I am not sold yet but I think that it will grow on me. Shirts are not too hard. I am not doing all the fancy flat felled seams like you find on proper shirts for Version 1. I haven't sewn anything in ages so am going to keep it simple until I get up to speed. I think that is you think of all the adjustments as sort of sculpting in fabric then it is not too hard. Least that is what I do when I am making corsets. xx

  2. Ok some thoughts on your fabo shirt. The front looks great but as you say bring the armhole line further up on to the shoulder may be by 1 1/2 " from the edge of the fabric. Same at the back, but don't drop the armhole any at the bottom. I think it is probably low enough as is. Also and here I may be being controversial, I think you should put some darts in to the back. About 2 -2 1/2 " either side of the centre back. They should be about 4" high above the waist and 3" below. It will give you more definition and shape. Don't put in a pleat you will regret it, it'll make the shirt look very masculine. The fit across the back looks great to me. If you then have problems with it feeling tight across the back once you have made it up, it will be to do with the sleeve head. You may need to add more ease in to it. Hope this helps. xx

    1. Hi Ms Nora, thank you so, so much for your fitting tips. It is really difficult to fit yourself and I don't have a fit buddy. Just have to get unwilling victims to take pics for me. I added a 2" broad back adjustment (1" each side) as I was paranoid about tight fitting shirts. Looking at the pics I really don't think that I needed it and that all that extra fabric looks a bit sloppy (and gives it a bit of an all-in wrestler appeal that I don't need). No controversy about the darts. I definitely need to put them in. I am just a bit paranoid about my "mum-tum" so have a tendency to wear sack like clothing but even then this shirt is a bit too baggy. That and in RTW my massive chest pulls all the fabric to the front so no wonder things seem a bit tight. You are probably right about the pleat, it was the cheat's way out of putting in darts (which I hate doing). I do need to give the *illusion* of a waist.though. Thank you again for all your fitting help. It is very kind of you to take the time to do it. Going to go adjust the back pattern pieces and I might even try a cheeky wee sleeve. xx

  3. I love your neck warmers, earth tones are always my favourite. Our cat is in a strop today as she was mistakenly shut in the cupboard under the stairs all night, I bet she wishes she had someone nice like you to go and visit x

    1. Thanks Josie. You would really suit earth tones with your colouring. Poor kitty, cats are so funny when they go in a strop. Oooh, cat visitors are always most welcome. Was feeding a whole tribe of feral cats until a few weeks ago but managed to get them all homed. Just down to the cat that belongs to someone else (we think but she was so skinny and tatty looking it was hard to be sure). Don't know what they must have though as I had to take the clippers to her long fur as it was so matted and she looked a bit bald and patchy for a while. When she wants in to be fed she sits on the window sill looking pathetic and gives it the cute little paw down the window. If you ignore her she gets a cross face on and swears at you in cattish under her breath. xx