Sunday, 16 March 2014

I Am Glorious, Orange

Morning Campers! I hope that you are getting over the shock of two blog posts in one week but I have to make up for not posting anything last Sunday. On the crafting front I have not been up to much. I did get a bit of knitting done on the train on Friday night. I know that it doesn't look like a lot but I have added a good couple of inches to it since then. Sorry for the blurry photo but the train was shaking around a lot. My glorious orange bag is all the way from Dakar in Senegal and was a very kind gift from a colleague's mum. I love it as it has room for all my crap AND my knitting. The wool has turned out to be a bit disappointing as I was really expecting more vibrant colour but I am not at the end of the ball yet so it may perk up a bit after a few more rows. Least it sort of goes with my bag.
My neck-warmer is coming along. Might be finished for next winter at this rate.
So yesterday was mostly spent tidying up the studio in preparation for "the secret project" and getting rid of things that I won't use. I spent a good couple of hours sorting through all my sewing patterns. I have a lot of vintage ones that I have bought mainly because I love the cover art. They are all in small sizes and the effort to grade them up is too much at the moment but I can't resist them when I see them. Here are some of my faves from today. Some have very tatty covers but hey, old patterns need a forever home too.
You can't beat a good Cheognsam and this one is from 60's is great. I love the rounded hem with the frogging.

Ere Doris, she's cleaning again. 'Bout time too slutty madam that she is.

Never one to exclude the boys here is Simplicity 9736 with some amazing trousers. Why don't men wear exciting fabrics like this anymore? I think I may just have answered my own question.
No, they don't look like PJ trousers honest.
I love this one even though I know it would do me no favours as it is essentially a big sack, and I have no waist to cinch it in. But look at the pockets, they are like a big lab coat. That makes me very happy. Best of all it comes with interchangeable collar and cuffs. No sniggering at the back, please.

Simplicity 4523.  (I couldn't write another comment here without it sounding vaguely smutty).
Here is Simplcity 6490. These are so cute.
Simplicity 6490. Clothes for proper ladies.
 I love the pink one, it reminds me of this John Galliano outfit as modelled by Eva Green if I added some big furry sleeves.

I like to think that I look like this in my head but the reality is somewhat more like below.
 Do you think that I could get away with a head square without looking like Ada?
She's having women's problems.
We love Les Dawson here at MOR.



  1. Who doesn't love Cissie and Ada? And the illustrations on vintage sewing patterns? I know I do! xxx

    1. I have some brilliant ones. i should frame them but it just seems wrong as then they would never fulfill their purpose (not that I will ever get round to making half of them but maybe someone might). Like the poor old machines in the window of All Saints. They make me shudder :) xx

  2. Hello! I've added you to Map the Sewintists, and below is a link to a little screen cap of your location. Unfortunately, it appears that you're the only one in York (for now), but there are some others nearby-ish in Sheffield and Manchester. That's nearby in a Canadian geographical sense, but perhaps not in a UK sense ;)

    Also: middle-aged sewing scientist? Kindred spirit!

    1. Thanks for that. I am a bit rubbish at technical things. Yes, I am another "sewing scientist". They are all over aren't they? Sheffield and Manchester are not too far away, a couple of hours I think. I am sure in Canada that would be almost next door ;) xx