Sunday, 19 January 2014

Resolutions Are Made to be Broken....on Location

Simplicity 1692

OK, well my sewing has kind of ground to a halt even before I have had a chance to get much done although I have bought and pre-washed fabric for Simplicity1692. More on that in the next post but there is a whole lot of purple going on.
 I have a good excuse though as I have been away with work. I visited Oulu which is the self-professed "Capital of Northern Scandinavia" and is the 5th largest city in Finland. Getting there was a bit of a schlepp as it took many hours and three different flights. I was really glad to finally get there and really glad I packed my thermals and snow boots as it was about -25C.
Oulu Market Hall
Oulu Market Hall

Oulu is a lovely place and really picturesque. There seemed to be a whole lot of knitting shops and tattoo parlours, both of which are great by me. I couldn't find any fabric shops though, except one dress shop that sold interiors fabric. The knitting shops seemed to sell loads of zips and buttons but no fabric or patterns.  Glad to be back though with lovely Lulu and Mittens. Maybe get some sewing done soon.