Saturday, 29 October 2011

Long Time No See (& Sew)

Well hasn't it been ages? Due to work commitments and other related stuff (like moving job and doing the 3-hour commute to work thing) I haven't been posting much online. However, this is all about to change as I am determined to get back to my gardening and corset-making ASAP. Am renting a little house for work-times so have a brand-new garden to play with and a huge pile of boxes full of fabric staring at me accusingly.

Just to whet my appetite I purchased two new books: "Sew Serendipity" by Kay Whitt of Serendipity Studio and a new book on "Vintage Lingerie" by Jill Salen. For those of you not familiar with Serendipity Studio, they are an independent pattern company based in Grand Prairie, Texas in the US.  Kay Whitt designs gorgeous patterns with a pinch of  retro-chic that she makes up in mouth-wateringly lovely quilting fabrics. Normally colour-phobic, I am desperate to try out some of these outfits in something other than black. Check out her modelling some of her designs on her blog.

My other purchase also has me waiting behind the front-door for it to arrive. I love vintage, lingerie and sewing and already own Jill's corset book and have been attempting to draft up some new (old) corset patterns based on the examples in that. Can't wait to give them a try to see how they make up and doubly can't wait to try the patterns in this new one. Bullet bra anyone?

Have a good weekend!

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