Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Happy New... February!

OK, so this blog has been a bit sparse since last year. I can feel the tumbleweeds blowing past, kind of sparse, BUT 2011 is a new year and although I haven't got over the working 24/7 thing I have decided to be a bit more committed to posting, even if it is only every few weeks.

There has been a lot happening over here at MOR. Last weekend I took my first group workshop, "Make Yourself a Victorian Corset", at Make it Glasgow , a sewing cafe located in Glasgow's Merchant City. The workshop was small, only 3 people, but that was quite enough for a first attempt so that I can figure out the final format.  The workshop will run over 3 full days, 2 down already, and finishing on Feb12th. I am really excited by the way the girl's corsets are coming along. We are using the Laughing Moon Mercantile #100 pattern which IMHO is one of the best commercial patterns out there. View A, the "Dore" was chosen for everyone as I think that this is the easiest for corset beginners. Everyone chose the black satin coutil from Whaley's of Bradford. I like this fabric for corsets, although I usually get the white and dye it as it takes colour beautifully, although the down-side is that it gives it a softer hand and takes off all the finishing. I normally line with at least another layer or two of cotton coutil but the sandwich method was probably a bit tricky at the moment.

Apart from that I have been sewing a corset inspired by the Mexican "Day of the Dead". I have been making this for what seems like ages, probably about a year on and off, but so much has been going on work-wise that I have been delayed. I have decided on a sugar candy skull on the front taken from the design on the left and some appliqued roses on the back inspired by the art of Sylvie Ji (on the left too). I absolutely love her work and thought that the stylized roses found in a lot of her paintings would be great for an applique design. I used silk dupion which had been fused to interfacing and sewed the rose design using free-hand machine embroidery with Sulky and Madeira lurex threads. I have added a few Swarovski crystals in Purple Velvet and will add more when the roses are embroidered onto the back.

The huge sugar skull  for the front is a lilac-ish coloured silk dupion treated the same as the roses and free-hand embroidered using the same threads. I have a ton of Swarovskis and sequins to go on the front. I haven't decided on the binding yet but will trim this with velvet ribbon at make it a bit more colourful.

Can't wait to get this finished. Hoping that it turn out ok.

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