Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Do Your Patterns Cut It?

I have bought quite a few sewing patterns recently, scoring a bag full out of one the local charity shops...woo hoo..., buying 11 Butterick Retro and Vintage Vogue pattern reissues from their website and a few off eBay. The charity shop ones are a fantastic selection of styles from the 30's to the 80's none of which were anywhere near my size but hey whatever is, especially in vintage patterns? Still I "had to have them". "Had to" like a junkie needs a fix "have them". After rushing home sweating and shaking with my booty and the euphoria of the hit had worn off I realised that there would have to be a whole lot of pattern grading going on before I could even dream of fitting myself into any of them.

However, this got me thinking about why I was buying them and what my motivation was when looking for something new to make.

I know that I will not be alone in pining madly after some pattern for months only to finally get it into my hot little hands and lose interest, while it languishes in a drawer never to be seen again. Worse still, decide that I was mad and that I would never ever wear it or, the most depressing of all, it would make me look like a pregnant bag lady. Yeh, plus size patterns, we mean you!

So what do you do with a pile of patterns on your hands? How do you define your pattern pecking order? Is your sewing ruled by your heart or your head? Would be interested to hear how you choose?

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